Save The Dates- Yes or No?

Save the Dates are pretty much a must in America and it seems like they’re just starting to catch on here too. But how do you decide if they are for you or not?

I originally wanted to send Save the Dates- I found so many great ideas for them and I wanted to make the most of the entire experience so I wanted to get involved with every little option.

However I was persuaded that perhaps it’s not the greatest idea unless you have really firmed up your guest list. Most brides get a year to plan their wedding and well, a lot can happen in a year and as harsh as it sounds-how do you know if you will still want that person there on your big day a year down the line?

I also think that Save the Dates should tie in with the overall theme of your wedding and it’s nice to be able to take your time putting the overall theme of your wedding day together.

On the plus side Save the Dates mean (in theory) everyone you send them to will be able to make your Big Day which beats setting a date and then finding out someone dear to you has actually booked a holiday and is leaving the exact day of the wedding.

So for those of you who have decided to send Save the Date cards or if you’re still on the fence, hopefully you’ll love these five great ideas to let your friends and family know that you want them there on your special day.

  1. 1.    For the quirky couple
DIY Save The Date Idea

Get crafty and make your own DIY wedding Save the Dates

This “Pencil Us In” Save the Date is my favourite. It’s quirky, unique and if you’re a DIY bride this is the perfect option, all you need is some string, a printer and a big box of pencils! On the downside you may have to consider the postage expense as these will be slightly chunkier than most invites because of the pencil.

2.    For the traditional couple

Sign showing your wedding date

Use a photo prop to display the date of your wedding

Show your pet in your wedding save the date

Get your pet or perhaps your children involved too!

Traditionally most Save the Date cards incorporate a photo of the happy couple together. What’s great about this type of Save the Date is you can use it as an excuse to have an engagement photo shoot, and it’s a pretty big milestone in your life so why not take the opportunity? A great idea for this type of Save the Date is to use photo props to display the date of your wedding. Popular props for doing this at the moment include mini chalkboards and bunting.

3.    For the geeky couple

An infographic Wedding Save the Date

Infographics are ultra modern and are a great way to display your wedding day information

It looks like geek chic isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Being a bit of a geek myself I’m a huge fan of infographics and whilst they may not be thought of as the most romantic of invitations, it can be quite amazing to see your relationship summarised in facts and figures. If you do go for this option then factors you could include are the date you got together, how many days you have been together, how many countries you’ve visited, how many dates you’ve been on and when you first said “I love you”.

4.    For the sentimental couple

A magnetic Save the Date idea

Magnetic Save the Dates are a super practical idea and they can be kept and used long after the big day has passed!

What better Save the Date than to send something that lasts and that can be kept in plain sight? Magnetic Save the Dates are practical and perfect if you want to do something a little different. They are also pretty easy to do DIY. If you have a smartphone, try downloading an app like Instagram to take a cute snap of you and your fiancé and then using Photoshop (or Microsoft Paint is just as handy) to add a text overlay with you date. You can then print them on card, laminate them and buy magnetic strips which you can stick on. If you’re not really the crafty type then you could use a service like Sticky Gram where all you need to do is upload your picture and choose how many you would like. There are 9 magnets on every sheet which works out at less than £1.10 each.

5.    For the couple who like surprises

Scratch and Reveal Wedding Save the Dates

These scratch and reveal Save the Dates are super quirky and sure to get your wedding guests excited about the day!

The scratch and reveal save the date is another one of my favourites. It’s a little bit quirky, but what I love most about it, is it’s a little bit interactive and prompts your recipient to engage with it by scratching to reveal the date-and let’s be honest who doesn’t love the excitement of scratch and reveal cards! If you wanted to DIY your Save the Dates you can actually buy scratch off stickers from Amazon or even make the scratch off paint yourself.

So there you have five of my favourite Save the Date ideas. You may have noticed that the inspiration for them all came from Etsy. If you don’t know about it already Etsy is a fantastic website to find genuine vintage, antique and handmade items including thousands of items related to weddings from décor to dresses. What I love the most about Etsy is the sheer volume of choice and it also doesn’t hurt to know you’re supporting smaller boutique shops all over the world whilst indulging in some wedding related retail therapy!

So, let me know what you thought about these 5 ideas for Save the Dates. Will you be choosing any of them or have you already got an idea in mind? It would be great to hear from you so don’t be shy and leave a comment below!

In the meantime- happy planning! xx



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